All magic enthusiasts unite! JCC: Harry Potter is a joint fantasy committee that was carefully designed to fulfill all of your wizards adventurer dreams and let you practice your diplomatic skills while having an unforgettable time in the committee.
 Vicious criminal Sirius Black has escaped the enchanted Azkaban prison, creating a major scandal regarding the magical community. A powerful wizards council including gifted witches and wizards from all magical positions is needed immediately.
 However, there is one profound problem. The Dark Lord Voldemort has been summoning his Death Eaters and it is rumored that he is planning to return in order to get his revenge and pursue his pure-blood supremacy. This is a major threat to Hogwarts’ students especially Harry Potter, the Ministry of Magic and the rest of the wizarding community.
 The treat is near, the Wizarding World is out of control, the Ministry is failing, the people are getting more worried day by day, the effects of Lord Voldemort are getting more and more significant as each day passes and there is very little time.
 Will you be able to defend your side in these legendary conflicts between The Good Side and The Evil Side? The answer still is hidden behind the closed drapes of time. It can be revealed by you, only.


This committee is suitable for experienced delegates.

Under Secretary General: Aslı Köse

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