Letter From The Secretery General

 Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisers, and Distinguished Guests,

 On behalf of the Secretariat, it is my honor to welcome and invite you to participate in our very first conference, ANKA Model United Nations, which will be held in Ankara, Turkey.

 It is our priority to ensure that the conference is organized to the highest standards in order to pursue our goals. Nelson Mandela once said: “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference”. As a young generation, today we have the chance to change the world, change it into a fair, lively, and graceful world bringing prosperity and security to each individual. That is precisely the reason why our conference’s goal is to encourage the youth to take part in different debates in order to address the worldwide challenges present today while learning to share their ideas and their standpoints working jointly with diligence. Therefore, and in order to give our delegates the change to explore and debate on a variety of topics. This year’s conference will consist of five English committees. We have three GA committees in order to create an arena where participants will finally be granted the right to ameliorate the instable conditions associated with inequality for more developed and civilized societies and future technology. We also have two JCC committees which allow delegates to react or take actions with regard to real-life crises in the UN and challenge their historical knowledge. Our committees are Futuristic, UNSC, UNWOMEN, UNOOSA, JCC: Harry Potter, JCC: Korean War.

 ANKAMUN is not only a conference that will benefit you on an academic level but it is also your chance to meet new people and create unforgettable memories.  Do not miss out on such an experience, it is never too late to do better. We must rise above our own ashes.


I hope to see you all at ANKAMUN’20 in Ankara, Turkey.

                                                                                           Nur Ugur

                                                                The Secretary General of ANKAMUN’20


28-30  January